Construction Photos

Sections are already grouped by major construction activities, as listed below. Note that the images are optimized for display from a CD rather than on-line (they are large images, without much compression), so downloading can take some time. Images are about 100 kBytes each, plus there is about 100 kBytes database information that must be downloaded (once only).

People: shots of people during construction

Demolition: completed 10/1/1999

Foundations: completed 10/29/1999

Framing: scheduled for completion 1/28/2000

Plumbing: First phase (crawl space waste and water) completed.

First phase (crawl space heating ducts) completed 12/15/99
Second phase (gutters) completed on 4/26/2000

Roofing: began 4/27/2000


Windows and Exterior Doors


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