Family Tree 20240603 (privacy filtered) - Person Sheet
Family Tree 20240603 (privacy filtered) - Person Sheet
NameMartin Joseph Conlon
Residence13 Jun 1900, 67 ?, N. Brookfield, MA30
ResidenceJul 1904, Ware, MA132
Memoobituary of his father
Residence1906, 124 Lincoln, Brockton, MA934
Memoboarding with sister Theresa
Residence1907, 124 Lincoln, Brockton, MA935
Residence1909, 154 Warren Avenue, Whitman, MA941
Memoboarder with Mahoney’s
Residence1912, 605 Washington Street, Whitman, MA942
Residence1917, 54 Broad Street, Whitman MA943
Military Service5 Jun 1917, 54 Broad Street, Whitman MA579,105,115
MemoWW I draft registration
Military Service25 Feb 1918, 9 Elm Place, Whitman, Plymoth, Massachusetts1076,1298
Residence13 Apr 1918, Boston, MA946
MemoEmbark Karoa, Rank of Wagoner
Military Service14 Oct 1918, Meuse-Argonne814
Memowounded in action. shrapnel in ankle
Military Service8 May 1919, 9 Elm Place, Whitman, Plymoth, Massachusetts1076,1220,1298
MemoDischarge from service
Military Service4 Jun 1919, KofC, Whitman, Plymouth, Mass1307
Memowelcome home reception
Residence1920, 52 Broad Street, Whitman MA944
Residence6 Jan 1920, 52 Broad Street, Whitman MA115
Residence1922, 14-1/2 Temple Street, Whitman, MA945
Residence23 Nov 1921, 52 Broad Street, Whitman MA1264
Birth17 Jan 1923, 9 Elm Place, Whitman, Plymoth, Massachusetts
MemoBirth of first son William Martin - Occupation Merchant
Residence1926, 9 Elm Place, Whitman, MA482,1323
MemoOccupation: Vulcanizer
Residence15 Apr 1930, 9 Elm Place, Whitman, MA
Residence1932, 903 Washington Street, Whitman, MA444
Residence18 Apr 1940, 18 Temple Street, Whitman MA138
Residence1942, 18-1/2 Temple St, Whitman, MA202
MemoWW II Draft Registration
Residence18 Apr 1950, 18-1/2 Temple St, Whitman, MA1322,1360
MemoOccupation: Service station proprietor
Death15 Nov 1958, Veterans Administration Hospital, Boston, MA149,1076,1313
BurialSt. James Cemetary, Whitman, MA
OccupationMerchant. Sold AtwaterKent radios with Humphrey Bros/Whitman; Tydol gasoline & Goodyear tires/18 Temple St. Whitman
Soc. Sec. #132-05-9928 1314
OccupationTack Maker in 1906-1909934,941
OccupationShipper in 1917, and 1920 upon return from WWI 943
OccupationVulcanizer in 1922
ReligionRoman Catholic
FatherThomas Conlon (1842-1904)
MotherCatherine (Kate) Connelly (1856-1896)
Birth6 Apr 1888, Whitman, Massachusetts40,141
Residence8 Jun 1900, 20 Elm Place, Whitman, MA61,334
Residence19 Apr 1910, 20 Elm Place, Whitman, MA40
Residence1912, 20 Elm Place, Whitman, MA1058
Memolisted as clerk
Residence1917, 20 Elm Place, Whitman, MA1094
MemoOccupation: clerk
Residence7 Jan 1920, 20 Elm Place, Whitman, MA13
Residence23 Nov 1921, 20 Elm Place, Whitman, MA1264
Birth17 Jan 1923, 9 Elm Place, Whitman, Plymoth, Massachusetts
MemoHousewife -- birth of first son
Residence1926, 9 Elm Place, Whitman, MA482
Death1 Mar 1927, 9 Elm Place, Whitman, MA104,294
Memobreast cancer according to Barbara Conlon Resch
Burial3 Mar 1927, St. James Cemetary, Whitman, MA101,294
EducationWhitman High School
ReligionRoman Catholic
FatherWilliam H. Fogarty (1853-1928)
MotherAlice R. Lyons (1862-1947)
Family ID13
Marriage23 Nov 1921, 518 Washington Street, Whitman, Massachusetts99,1264
ChildrenWilliam Martin (1923-2009)
 Joseph Francis (1926-2007)
Birth23 Jun 1894, Coolagarronroe Wood, Skeheenarinky, Tipperary, Ireland670, birthday June 23 1894,679, birthday 1891
Immigrationabt 1909670
Memoaboard Samaria
Residence25 Apr 1910, 21 South Union Street, Rockland, Massachusetts894
Residence1911, 21 Union Street, Rockland, Mass1103
Memoemployee and boarder
Immigration4 Aug 1923, Boston, MA670,671, vessel name
Memoarrival aboard Samaria
Immigration8 Jun 1929, Boston, MA670
MemoDeclaration of Intent
Residence8 Jun 1929, 48 Union Street, Rockland, Plymouth, Massachusetts670
Immigration30 Sep 1929, Boston, MA1102
Memoaboard Scythia. returning to Rockland, working as domestic, local contact is Aunt Alice Fogarty at 20 Elm Place, Whitman
Residence7 Apr 1930, 162 Morraine Street, Brockton, Ma1065
Memoservant in household of Leavit family.
Citizenship15 Dec 1931, 903 Washington Street, Whitman, MA671, witnessed by brother Thomas Fox and husband Martin Conlon
Memopetition for citizenship (granted post mortem)
Residence1932, 903 Washington Street, Whitman, MA243,444
Death20 Jul 1932, Cohasset, Massachussets103,1311
MemoAuto accident, car hit auto driven by Martin J. Conlon.
BurialSt. James Cemetary, Whitman, MA102
ReligionRoman Catholic
FatherEdmund Fox (1831-)
MotherJohanna Fogarty (1854-1940)
Family ID15
Marriage4 Apr 1931, Rockland, Massachusetts100,671
ChildrenMartin Edward (1932-2009)
Notes for Martin Joseph Conlon
U.S. Army Company F, 306th Infantry, 77th Division.
Purple Heart awarded for shrapnel wound in leg at Argonne , France 1918
basic training at Camp Upton (Long Island)
Military notes for Martin Joseph Conlon
Passenger Cargo Ship
Swan, Hunter & Wigham Richardson Ltd
Neptune Yard, Low Walker
Yard Number:
7009grt, 3607nrt, 425.0 x 55.6 x 31.4ft
2 x T3cyl (25.5, 43 & 73 x 48ins), 1410nhp
Engines by:
Swan, Hunter & Wigham Richardson Ltd
2 x Screws, 15.5knots
Reg Number:

British India Steam Navigation Co Ltd, Glasgow
Broken up

Accommodation for 44 x 1st Class, 64 x 2nd Class & 1471 x others

03/1915: Requisitioned by the Admiralty as a troop transport

1919: Returned to owners

09/1940: Requisitioned as a Personnel & Military Store ship

03/1944: Converted into a hospital ship

10/1946: Returned to owners

03/05/1950: Delivered to Bombay for breaking up by Steel Corp of Bombay

Above photo copyright of Allan Green

Above photo copyright of Allan Green

Above photo copyright of Allan Green

Above photo courtesy of John Crossland

Above photo courtesy of the Allen collection

Military notes for Martin Joseph Conlon
Lineage and Honors Information as of 13 July 2011

 Constituted 5 August 1917 in the National Army as the 306th Infantry and assigned to the 77th Division
Organized 26 August 1917 at Camp Upton, New York
Demobilized 9 May 1919 at Camp Upton, New York
Reconstituted 24 June 1921 in the Organized Reserves as the 306th Infantry and assigned to the 77th Division (later redesignated as the 77th Infantry Division)
Organized in August 1921 with Headquarters at New York, New York
            Ordered into active military service 25 March 1942 and reorganized at Fort Jackson, South Carolina
Inactivated 15 March 1946 in Japan
Activated 17 December 1946 in the Organized Reserves with Headquarters at New York, New York
(Organized Reserves redesignated 25 March 1948 as the Organized Reserve Corps; redesignated 9 July 1952 as the Army Reserve)
Reorganized 1 May 1959 as a parent regiment under the Combat Arms Regimental System to consist of the 1st Battle Group, an element of the 77th Infantry Division
Reorganized 26 March 1963 to consist of the 1st and 2d Battalions, elements of the 77th Infantry Division
1st and 2d Battalions inactivated 30 December 1965 and relieved from assignment to the 77th Infantry Division
306th Infantry withdrawn 17 October 1999 from the Combat Arms Regimental System, redesignated as the 306th Regiment, and reorganized to consist of the 1st, 2d, and 3d Battalions, elements of the 87th Division (Training Support); 1st, 2d, and 3d Battalions concurrently allotted to the Regular Army
            (1st, 2d, and 3d Battalions relieved 15 December 2007 from assignment to the 87th Division [Training Support])
                                                World War I
                                                Champagne 1918
                                                Lorraine 1918
                                                World War II
                                                Western Pacific
                                               Leyte (with arrowhead)
                                                Ryukyus (with arrowhead)

            Philippine Presidential Unit Citation, Streamer embroidered 17 OCTOBER 1944 TO 
4 JULY 1945
1st Battalion additionally entitled to:
Presidential Unit Citation (Army), Streamer embroidered IE SHIMA
3d Battalion additionally entitled to:
Presidential Unit Citation (Army), Streamer embroidered OKINAWA
Director, Center of Military History
Notes for Margaret Elena (Spouse 1)
Classmate of Francis J. Spellman (Cardinal Spellman of New York)
known as Elena
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