Family History Documents

Photo Albums

Anne Conlon

My grand aunt Anne Conlon‘s photo album contains snapshots and newspaper clippings of her family and friends, especially her nephew Martin E. Conlon.  This came to me in poor condition from my uncle (Anne’s nephew) , Joseph F. Conlon, with several photos removed and some unlabeled.  I scanned each page and uploaded it in pdf book form (97 MB) in 2018. 

Jerome Figueroa

My uncle Jerry looked after his mother, Barbara Reinhard, until her death in 1971, and inherited the Figueroa family photos. 

  • Album 1 (550 MB pdf) is focused on Jerry himself and shows his interests in photography and geology and a 1950  trip he took to Saranac Lake with his father and brother Richard shortly before joining the religious order of the Friars of the Atonement. The album contains 68 photos, which I scanned individually on 25 November 2023, and then assembled it in pdf book form (550 MB).
  • Album 2 (283 MB pdf) focuses on Jerry’s brothers and sisters, mother, father and aunts, and are mostly snapshots, which I scanned on 29 November 2023.  Many of the 22 pages, contain many many images and annotations in pencil.  When there was a single image, the photo was removed for scanning and contrast adjustment.  As some future point, I hope to adjust each individual image.

Uncle Robbie

I received these photos from Uncle Robbie’s daughter.

  • Framed pictures (175 MB pdf). These are mostly photos of the Figueroa family. I removed these from picture frames for scanning.