Family Tree Update

Memorial Day is a good time to update the family genealogy web site.  Since I published the last update on 29 August 2016, I have found 270 new source documents covering birth, marriage, death, immigration, military service, residence, etc.

Many of these new sources confirm facts already known, but there are some interesting new findings, too. In addition to including the reference documents here, I have taken to including references from multiple sources, mostly from or to make sure other researchers can access this material.

Along the way, genetic genealogy confirmed a new line of cousins, descended from Timothy Kelley, the heretofore unknown brother of my great great grandmother Bridget Kelley.  The first clues came from the persistence of Pat McGrath, whose husband is descended from Timothy Kelley.  Pat noticed repeated references to my great uncle James T. Conlon and my grandfather Martin J. Conlon, as pall bearers.

We ultimately used DNA tests to confirm that her husband and I are 4th cousins, which makes our great great grandparents siblings.  We will likely never know the names of their parents, but this was a good example of collaboration between conventional and genetic genealogy.