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This site is dedicated to the Conlon family from Bethpage, NY, and their relatives around the world.


The family tree is always a work-in-progress. Family members can see more details. Contact me to request access.


Approximately 700 family photographs from circa 1950 to the present cover memorable family events. They are organized by person, place, event, etc., and are presented in two sizes, so select the one appropriate for your monitor resolution and connection speed.

Photo Credits

  • Most photos in the PCD archives were taken by Dad. Several, notably the square format images, were probably taken by Tom
  • Photos in the FIGSCAN archive were taken by Uncle Jim
  • Photos in the CRSCAN archive were taken by Dave

Work in Progress


The trip database lists visits to/from Bethpage, updated through 7/21/2001.


Remembrances and Memorials

William M. Conlon (1921-2009)

Please leave your memories

Relatives’ web site


Provides a running account of Bill and Judith’s remodeling project.

This site was launched in February 1999 and was originally hosted by To the Point using AppleShareIP running on a Macintosh 7300 over a 128 kbps ISDN line. After a couple of years the site was migrated to Apache on linux, then to Apache2 on Fedora Core 4. In 2018, WordPress was adopted.

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